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Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 6 years ago

X-Men, Last Stand is actually a (no really I mean it!) pretty good exploration of these issues - if there was a pill that would make everyone neurotypical who would take it? Who wouldn't want to? What kind of mess would we be in if people were forced to take it?

There's evidence that some aspects of the autistic spectrum are a beneficial mutation, not necessarily "The next human" but an increase in diversity that is benefitting us in a highly technological society. People forget that inside the extreme ends of the spectrum, there are often beneficial features that come along with it: The ability to hyperfocus, improved analytical abilities, improved pattern recognition, for instance.

SImon Baron-Cohen is pretty much the big name in research in this area, and although I don't necessarily agree with all his theories, he has a lot of very interesting things to say.
XOX 6 years ago
Yes. The mutation is there that make a minority of the human population autistic. While many people starting to recognize, and something even celebrate, the high functioning autistic of this spectrum, they treated the average intelligent autistic persons really poorly. On the other end of the spectrum, autistic people suffered in silence because they could not communicate their needs, and could not have a good living condition without help. I too appreciate the autistic persons who are also brilliant, there are those who are still relying on the goodness of other people to keep them feed and clothed. That's what I see as the problem. The spectrum is big and while we appreciate the contribution, society need to take care of those who have this "mutation" and need help.