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Ami's Hoard 7 years ago
I am still thinking about reading book #2 though. Maybe I will 'suffer' for you :)
Christina 7 years ago
BAH, that stinks.
Ami's Hoard 7 years ago
For me it is :(
Sorry the book disappointed you :(. I still loved Hartley at the end.
Ami's Hoard 7 years ago
I guess I was just too pissed with Hartley during those moments and I didn't feel like he grovel enough, PLUS he actually had sex with Corey only one day after he dumped Stacia!! He just lost all of my respect and I couldn't get my heart to love him again :(
No I totally understand, it is just the way it played out did not make me like him any less. I thought he learned things, that's all.