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Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
I had this book (lent and never got it back) in hardcover, with red and green text with an illustration at the beginning of each chapter. It's a translation from the German, which almost always comes across as flat.
Darth Pedant 2 years ago
This book is one of the rare cases in which I like the movie better. (Not the sequel movies, though. They're terrible.)
@Elentarri: I definitely think translation may be part of the issue here. Michael Ende in the original German is far from flat.

@DP: This might also explain your movie vs. book experience. The movie went for the core of the story, instead of trying to translate specific words from one language into another.

@Ani: "Standard boy hero and his journey in both vanquishing evil as well as self-revelation" may be formula now, but this actually was one of the books that *established* the formula -- specifically, as a formula for YA / children's books (since LOTR and The Hobbit are both equally YA and adult reader material ... and yes, I know The Hobbit started out as a tale for Tolkien's children, but Tolkien quickly outgrew that audience). Michael Ende is a childrens' author first and foremost and never wanted to be anything else. So reading age may definitely play into this one, too. Either way, I'm sorry this one didn't work for you!
Darth Pedant 2 years ago
@TA: Ah, yep. The English version being a too literal translation explains a lot.
Ani's Book Abyss 2 years ago
@TA - This is one of those books I regret not reading during my youth, if only because I have a feeling I probably would have enjoyed it more back then as opposed to at present. You read so many fantasy books with this same standard formula that you forget that it didn't used to be a standard thing, and I believe this book was published in 1979. I don't read a whole lot of childrens books because I don't want my own perception to bias how I receive the story, but 'The Neverending Story' was just one of those classics that you feel like you need to read at some point in your life.

Thanks for the info, by the way.
No problem -- I just would have wished for a happier experience for you! :)