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Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
Thank you for the commentary on the translation. There are so many translations it's hard to decide which one to read.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
It is really hard to find a good translation and not a lot of books or reviews mention the translation, which makes finding a good one so much more special. I have added this one on my Ammy wishlist.
Lillelara 4 years ago
I´m (partly) blaming the Lempp translation for all the fun I had with The Iliad. I´m sure I wouldn´t have enjoyed The Iliad as much as I did if I would have read an English verse translation.

I don´t have my physical copy with me at the moment, but as far as I remember Lempp wrote this translation, because students of his complained about how difficult it has been for them to get into the text / the German verse translations. So he decided to write The Iliad in an easily accesible way, so that every German student / reader can gain from Homer´s work. I think that is pretty amazing.
I disliked the Illiad when I read it, but I attribute a lot of that to the translation, which was dreadful. My best guess is that it was a 1930s "colloquial" British translation. It was filled with "old chap" and "old bean." It was simultaneously terrible and hilarious.