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I'm trying to convince the other adult to go see this later this week when my children have disappeared to grandma's house for the night. It looks stunning.
visually it is absolutely stunning.
JoRead 4 years ago
I'm glad to know it's at least a good movie. I'm always afraid to pay for a movie and find out it was not worth the money LOL
I suspect the movie will be very polarizing in opinions of it.
Saturdays in Books 4 years ago
I'm kind of hesitant to refer to that arc as a romance. It's more like a workplace harassment plot, where persistence trumps respect for boundaries. Which I guess is very Heinlein, but matured up to the point of allowing women to have boundaries.

The opening credit sequence is lovely. So lovely. And I found out that my movie buddy hadn't seen Jupiter Ascending while we were talking about Valerian, so I have now remedied that.
Fine... it's a "YA Romance" storyline :P They never seem to understand boundaries in those (*barf*). I appreciated that she called him on his shit... and he did seem to learn to some extent. The relationship is almost James Bondish in the graphic novels, but with them both being proprietary of each other while she also stands in for the role of honeypot.

Confession, I enjoyed the hell out of Jupiter Ascending, even though it was utterly ridiculous
Based on the reviews I'm reading I suspect this movie will remain incredibly polarizing... though that seems to be a feature of his films. After all, I love Fifth Element and know people who rabidly hate it.