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BrokenTune 4 years ago
"a man who dies because he is deathly afraid of a tree" - Come again?
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Btw, it is the drama I dislike about hardy, too. I can take the depression, but the sheer going on and on and on with more and more human stupidity just kills me.
Abandoned by user 4 years ago
Not even kidding. There's a tree. It's super scary. They cut it down to save his life. He dies anyway. WTF.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hahahaha.... That's brilliant. Hardy was totally messing with you.
Abandoned by user 4 years ago
I know. I laughed out loud. Terrified to death by a tree needs to be added to this list:

It could go between The pitiless Sea and Jumped off a waterfall.
Hardy, in another age, would have been a great soap opera writer.
God, I'd forgotten all about the tree. It's ages since I've read this one mainly because Giles and Grace annoy me so much I end up wanting to break things.
Abandoned by user 4 years ago
Lol. I can understand that - all of that noble suffering.
Gabrielm (guest) 2 years ago
Hello, I need to know the name of the author the text because I need to cite it for an essay. Thank you.
Abandoned by user 2 years ago
I am nobody and you definitely should not cite me in your school work, nor do you have permission to do so.