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BrokenTune 2 years ago
LoL. That is an unusual complaint, but I can see why this might have spoiled things.
Abandoned by user 2 years ago
I was really enjoying the book until the end - there was a birdwatching/naturalist element that was really interesting. And then she pulled an Elizabeth George and it pissed me off mightily. I'm not sure if I'm going to read anymore in the series. If I do, I am definitely getting them at the library.
Abandoned by user 2 years ago
Also, I feel like this is a really cheap and common method for mystery authors to turn their characters into miserable damaged misanthropes and I don't like it.
I've yet to get to this book, but I understand there's a lot of emotional drama involved with this particular death.

As I understand it, "Shetland" was originally a quartet, and then Cleeves was persuaded by her publisher to continue the series. Maybe this was how she'd originally been planning to end the series?
Abandoned by user 2 years ago
Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series literally never recovered from the book where she did the same thing. I get more pissed off the more I think about it.
George's series had already gone downhill for me with the previous book ("A Traitor to Memory"), on account of its insane length and lack of editing alone. I actually kind of liked "Careless in Red" (book 1 "post-death") -- "his" response as it is described there strikes me as very much in character *for him* (he'd done the same sort of thing on a prior, almost equally traumatic occasion). But the series jumped the shark for me once and for all with the character she reintroduced as a replacement for H. in "This Body of Death". Haven't looked at a book from that series since, and am not planning to, either.

As for Cleeves' "Shetland" series, I guess I'll take it one book at a time and see how I'm doing. Her writing is vastly superior to George's, though, so I wouldn't necessarily expect her to go that particular route (the same George did "post-death") anyway -- she seems to be above that sort of catchpenny trickery. Or so I would hope at least ...
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I put the next one on hold at my library, so I'll give it a go and see if I will keep reading.

Have you read any of the Vera books? I've seen the whole series (which I love), but I've never read any of the books.
I have "The Crow Trap" on my physical TBR and am a few seasons into the series. Not sure whether I'll switch to the books or finish the entire series first -- though I want to make some more porgress with the Shetland books first.
Oh no, I hate that.