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5 years ago
Oh no! I didn't read too closely because I don't like to know too much going in. I'm bummed at your rating though.
runner 5 years ago
you might like Char, but end of the world/dystopian books do not work for me...I was one of the few who did not in anyway enjoy Swan Song but I think most people did...and if I remember correctly you did as well. I will be interested to see your review on The Fireman
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
I love dystopian/post-apocalyptic books so I'm going to check out Swan Song. Haven't read that one yet.
Oh no! I just started this. It's intriguing so far, but I am only about two or three chapters in!
runner 5 years ago
If Dystopian books are your thing Jessica you may like and the start and end are fast and exciting, also the concept of the whole Dragonscale thing...original and good no more than I would expect from such a great author. I know from reading his notes that this book took some 4 years to complete and there are good reviews out there. It is a long read and that could be part of the problem but do finish and review...I will look forward to your thoughts.