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I finally need to get a move on this series.
Tannat 11 months ago
Have you started? I've left it for quite a while myself. I forget when I last read a book. I think it's been years.
No -- I still have the entire series to get into. And I mean, it's not like I haven't been aware of it literally for decades ...!
Tannat 11 months ago
Well I looked up my rating for the first one and apparently it was only two stars, but I think that was under my rather harsh earlier rating regime.

If you wanted to do a buddy read, I could try out an audio version of the first one. I don't remember it very well.
Sounds good ... I've got both the paperback and audio editions of book 1 (leaning towards audio, too, though).
Tannat 11 months ago
Haha I usually only stock up on the audio after I've read the first book and need to remember what happened before reading the second or third.

We could do that buddy read earlier than the French buddy read if you want. Most of the books I've been choosing aren't audiobooks so we wouldn't have the same problem as with the French buddy read. I don't have as deep a pile of audiobooks as I do ebooks and paper books. And I have way too many Audible credits atm.
That sounds fine as well!
Tannat 11 months ago
I think I might start spending some time in the office in a few weeks anyway, so I might actually have a chance to listen on my commute.
Fingers crossed ...