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KindleRomance 8 years ago
I don't know how you lasted through the whole thing. That was very rude of the librarian.
I remember reading this a while back and feeling the same way. I couldn't with the wordiness and the massive time jump. I also listened to it on audio and thought Brick made the experience a bit better, but the story was uber wordy and a slog. (Also, boo to the librarian - that wasn't nice at all.)
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Glad it wasn't just me. I fell for the hype and kept going because I was waiting for this amazing book to happen. that librarian rarely has anything pleasant to say to me. I usually leave feeling vaguely insulted or like I've bothered her. I don't think she enjoys her job all that much or maybe she just doesn't like me.