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Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
Wasn't it refreshing? I'm so used to excuses that this one really surprised me.
More authors need to take after that example. Seriously. I loved that response as well.
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
willaful 7 years ago
I'm a little iffier on it... it sounds like she feels she'd be justified in commenting if it wasn't a genuine grammatical issue. But I do find what she says fascinating because I think a lot of crappy authors do believe that they've written down the full, wonderful story in their heads, not realizing how much isn't actually there.
7 years ago
I cannot even believe it! I was just looking at this 5 minutes ago and thought the same thing!
An author owning up to what happened and apologizing. Way to go!
Between The Lines 7 years ago
It’s a pity more authors don’t check after so called editing but I agree, a really good response, good for her
I guess I'm about a thousand times more cynical. With the furor over BBAs and whatnot, statements like this will probably begin to take their place, as SPAs start figuring they will pay off in goodwill and sales. I mean, this was a person who admits -- admits -- she didn't even bother to read proofs. Oh, yeah, this is someone who cares about writing, and never mind readers.
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
Well, in this one's defense the comment was written in 2011 and I *think* that was before this stuff took a turn for the awful. She could be the rare one who has learned from her mistakes. Or maybe not.
Yeah, I'm sorry to rant, but it's just that I think we've become too concerned about authors' behavior and personality and that we've let that affect our judgment of their work. Let's ban this author, that's ban that one, but oh we can read this one because he/she's just so darn nice. How bout we read the ones who actually care enough about their work to friggin proof it? Even better, why don't we read the ones who can actually write? (Absolutely none of this is directed at you, by the way.)
7 years ago
You're right. The BBA thing gets to be very tiring, which is why I no longer belong to some of the BBA groups. It's a giant time suck and I would rather be reading. Which is not to say that I support BBAs because I most surely do not. I just don't want to spend all my time avoiding them, warning others to avoid them, marking books on my shelves on 3 different sites, etc.
So, I do try to focus on the ones that can actually write and I do my best to spread the word about these authors as best I can.
Hey, Char, I think you'll appreciate this. Isn't it funny how all these wannabes are so happy and proud to be compared to Stephen King? Whereas King, on the other hand, always compared his own work to something you'd get at McDonald's. You'd think they'd have a little more humility. Or at least a better understanding of quality. : -)
7 years ago
You bet. I believe King said he was the literary equivalent of a big mac with fries. So be it, I love the guy.
I haven't read very many indie authors that even come close to that big mac. A few, but not many.
willaful 7 years ago
I've read a few that far surpass, but yeah, usually I consider myself lucky to get that much. It's too often more like a dog turd on two slices of toast.
7 years ago
Yep. Pooh sandwiches abound!
Yeah, I've got a lot of problems with King, but show me an SPA that even seriously approaches him in talent and execution and I'll show you an idiot (because he could find a publisher).
7 years ago
I've found a couple. They both have since been signed with publishers. Alan Ryker (LOVED Burden Kansas, and its sequel, and also the Penny Dreadnoughts), he's with Darkfuse now.

I found Lee Thompson through a published short story of his. He's now signed with Darkfuse as well. (When We Join Jesus in Hell is a punch in gut novella.)

I think there are some great indie authors out there, but we have to go through so much to find them, it's not worth all the effort.