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Url Phantomhive 7 years ago
I've started using it lately, but I'm still working out how things work...
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
I abandoned it because I was wasting too much time trying to keep up with the various blogs I followed and when I looked again it was all different.
willaful 7 years ago
If you want something similar to google reader, inoreader is pretty good.
A Voracious Reader 7 years ago
I was hoping to find time to play with it this summer.
TezMillerOz 7 years ago
I use
Dor Does Books 7 years ago
I've signed up but I haven't really been using it. I can't get the app to log in on my tablet but I haven't applied myself to trying to sort it yet.
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
Thanks, I'll look into inoreader & feedly. I'm not sure I"m liking bloglovin' too much right now.