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I've downloaded the same book from netgalley onto my computer, phone, and kindle so no problems there :)

"listing them will help me decide"
I do this all the time, too!
"Shadow reading" - I do that, too. I call it being the hippie free-love type when it comes to reading matter.

And sometimes I tell all of my current books, often a dozen or more: "I don't feel like ANY of you right now. I'm starting a new one."
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Same here - I shadow read. No guilt about that whatsoever. it actually helps me finishing books because I would not pick up a book unless in the mood for it. So, different moods, different books.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
@Whiskey - oh good! Didn't want to rush through a book just because of this. And I've really come to enjoy making up a nice list. I used to think it was totally time wasting, but in this case I think it'll actually save me time waffling over which choice to make. (Maybe.)

@Suzanna and @ Broken - I love hearing that other people read this way! I've learned to be a lot more forgiving of my reading habits, by realizing they're actually not bad habits. I used to have this idea that reading multiple books was keeping me from finishing as many and was some kind of indication of poor attention span, etc. etc. And really it was the whole Book Mood thing.

It's really helped to have others say "hey I do this too." I'm having much more fun now that I'm not being as self-judgy over reading.