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Whereas the Americans, at this period, elected a government that was gung-ho for war with Britain (honor demanded it!), while simultaneously refusing to increase the size of the military, because standing armies are bad, m'kay? It's a wonder we got out of the War of 1812 with a tie.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
I hadn't really thought about it til now - just focused on how illogical this is - but I guess the US is still doing this now. Some of the citizens anyway:
"We demand that you do this thing, do it well, but you can't be organized too well, or be given too much power, or bother us too much at the local level. But we're going to blame you entirely if anything goes wrong."

That's the impression I'm getting of the problem of starting an organized national police force. Which really makes me want to read a book about how this was managed in the US.
Saw a history book on sale at Ammy today (which I actually didn't get, though I considered it) - Gillian Gill's Nightengales.