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I'm not a fan of Gatsby either. You feel almost sacrilegious
when you say it, but I couldn't stand the characters.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
When I read Gatsby in high school I was so disappointed that I thought "well, maybe it's just this book" and read a bunch of other Fitzgerald. Some of which I liked a lot more - but they all feel very much part of a time period and really reflect the kind of people Fitzgerald was hanging around with - now that I've also read some biographies. So I know that I do like his writing - just not his characters. It's made giving his works a certain number of stars really hard though - because I'd give his writing one amount, but my enjoyment of the book itself another amount of stars.

#10 was actually a YA sort of book - it was Scholastic Press, which at that time you could order from a handout/newsletter that would be distributed at school. There wasn't a genre called YA then, but that's definitely what it was. It was intended for older readers, like 5-6th grade, I think. But ugh, still hate that plot.
I'm an emotional reader, so if I don't a good emotional connection to a book, it's harder for me to rate it higher. I think some readers don't understand that aspect of reviewing, but to me, it's integral.
Me too!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
I need to be more like that - I have this thing about finishing books - I do put books aside and tell myself that I'll get back to them. And then I don't! It's always hard to know when to feel safe about not finishing - I always worry that if I'd just give something 10 more pages maybe the plot will pick up, I'll get more interested, etc. I need to start paying attention to how often that actually happens!
Oh, I could be better about not finishing books too. I am having a really hard time with a reading slump, so I think I will be more judicious about giving up books I am not feeling.