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Marianna 8 years ago
I couldn't figure out how to add a book for a few minutes but that's not my fault!

Have you noticed that the "Leafmark it" buttons lag for a few seconds on the book pages? They didn't show up right away and that had me mighty confused! lol
Yeah, if something doesn't appear at once, I wait a minute or two to see if there's a lag.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
I haven't actually added any books - I just did the GR csv - but I'm eventually going to have to play with that when I can try to figure out what date I stopped adding books at GR and only here. Fun fun!

And yeah I was having a lot of lag over there today - will probably try fiddling more with it tomorrow.
I'm a luddite; I always add manually and totally randomly. "Oh yes, I've read that..."
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
It should be on your profile page, at the top right, just under the space where you "search for a book" - under that is a space that says "post a general status update."
I managed to do so once, but now I can't remember how.