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Off Topic: I used to listen to Radio Sweden English Language Service on shortwave radio before everything went digital. That shows how old I am. Somehow it was more interesting with the challenge of trying to get the broadcast to come in here in the US since I think they were meant mainly for Europe. It was staticy and would fade in and out. You needed fairly sophisticated radio equipment and big antennas to get reliable reception and the status of the earth's magnetic field and sunspots made things all the more challenging. Anyway, your reference to SR made me think of this. I don't listen to the internet streaming radio as much except for music. There are so many other ways to stay in touch with the rest of the world now. Back then, this was the only way.

Anyway, we don't have this sort of mega-book sale here in the US and so few bookstores to have it anymore even if we did.
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
How awesome! What a great idea...but I have to agree sadly with Randoph: there are few bookstores and I just don't see them agreeing to do this. How sad.

Maybe I should start learning a Scandinavian language...