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Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 7 years ago
in the styles box down very bottom of the left hand side of the customize dash:

blockquote { style-here: value-here; style-here: value-here; } will tweak anything use the quote icon in the toolbar for. To style links, you can do a:link and a:visited (for clicked and unclicked links respectively)

You have to be really careful with the colour (for the reason you mentioned) but you can do a fair bit of font-styling. is my go-to site for syntax, and it has a little "try it out here" gadget on nearly every page.

try something like:
blockquote { margin: 1em 10em; font-style: italic; font-size: smaller; } (that way, the font is set off from the text a bit, and indented left and right, but not centered cos that's hard to read, it stays left-justified. Using em's and smaller, it's relative to the font size your reader is using, on whatever device that is, so it's acessibility friendly.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
Oh cool, ty! (Especially for that link - that's just the kind of help page I need!) SO thankful that at least the familiar blockquote is what to look for. I'll try fiddling with it a bit tonight. I keep meaning to spend more time trying to decipher the codes anyway, this gives me some motivation!

But now that I think of it - especially because I remember color as being a bit hard for me to mess with last time I tried this - I might go with the template Bundled, because the only thing that was bad there was the chosen font for quotes and the color and background for them were fine. I'll try fiddling with the Custom Colors first though, just because it'll be good for me. (You know, like eating vegetables and getting exercise and stuff. Heh.)
bookaneer 7 years ago
I have a dumb "help": I designed mine in chrome, just using their tweak thing on my real page. (It lets you tweak the CSS directly, as well as showing the computed rules.) Then I just wrote a css alongside. I quickly gave up trying to use BL's "sample."
You can do the same thing with firebug, but I think the chrome one is a little better.
EDIT: CTRL-SHIFT-I plus click, or just right-click->inspect element will highlight the actual CSS element and show you the element's name and how the rule was computed. Totally wonderful.

EDIT 2: To add to that: my most specific CSS rule is computed via " blockquote p".
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
Ok this I must try as well. I use Chrome primarily for watching video (and translated pages) while I read in another browser - I forgot that they have that nice CSS thing.
bookaneer 7 years ago
I love the Chrome one, although Firebug (the firefox one) is basically comparable, as far as I remember. It allows on-the-fly editing as well, IIRC.
And I'll have to look up the new templates...didn't even hear about them.