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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
My first week of owning a Kindle I fell for this too - I purchased one of those "100 mysteries in one book" package - but that was before I'd discovered Gutenberg. And of course all of those stories were in public domain, and poorly formatted so that you couldn't easily skip over one story to get to the next. Those sorts of books are still there even though it's obviously a cash grab. I always want to post a review with a link to the free book on Gutenberg (or even Amazon) but I have a feeling it would be deleted. I have contacted Amazon when a .99 book showed as the default when Amazon offered a free version - and that was corrected.

I think there's a percentage of self pub people have NO idea of the market they're getting into, and no idea that consumers have been scammed this way, and similarly by people selling unedited, poorly written books. I'm at the point where I look skeptically at all self pub stuff, and assume that the majority are trying to oversell me something. Which is sad for those who are really trying to write something decent - but there are too many publishing that aren't trying at all.
There is no end to those trying to repackage what has been in the public domain forever, look at how many Lovecraft or Clark Ashton Smith volumes there are out there. Use Inkmesh to find free public domain ebooks before you squander your effort and your pocketbook on the commercial sites like Amazon.