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Might have to check this one out. I read The Heart of the Matter eight or so years ago, and was embarrassingly unimpressed- knowing that Greene's a favorite author among many of my favorite authors. This, though, sounds like something I could get into.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
I could not stand The Heart of the Matter. The other ones I have read so far are much better. This one was pretty cool because with Greene you cannot count on a happy ending - or predict anything about where the plot will turn - so I was eager to read on and find out what would happen. The moral issues his characters went through were just icing on the cake.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation. Orwell is another author I want to get to know better. Shooting an Elephant is definitely on the list. Books v. Cigarettes was pretty bleak and I imagine that Shooting an Elephant is similarly gut-wrenching. I'll finish the Greene project first, tho. After all, your recommendations for Our Man in Havana and Travels with my Aunt have kicked off my current addiction.