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I can't deny he's definitely hard scifi, but man, he is SO not for me. Is it too much to ask for characters with a little personality??

I actually bought three of his ebooks on sale and returned them after getting halfway through this. I don't see myself reading another Bova in the future.
Kaia 7 years ago
Welp. That's one more sci fi writer to steer clear of. My major dilemma lately, this. I often like reading the genre I'm currently writing, and I'm working on my own sci fi series, but finding stuff that doesn't set my teeth on edge is hard.
I hear ya; I read so much scifi as a kid, and I like the idea of a big, wide world open for exploration, but finding good authors is HARD.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 7 years ago
Bova is a pig. And it's such a shame, because as you say, he can write when he is actually being mister science. He just has to go and ruin it with characters and plots that make no sense.

Meanwhile: Have you read Andy Weir's "The Martian"? I checked your shelf and it's not on there, but that isn't a guarantee. I really really recommend you to try that one, because it will push ALLL your hard science and Mars geek buttons, and it has fabulous characters, I thought. (Ignore my currently reading which says I'm still reading it, I actually read the paperback since I gave up on the audio, although I can't figure out how to review it other than "squeeeeee hahahahaha go buy this".
Hell, if Bova had just stuck to making his characters boring robots, I don't think I would have minded - but having them INTERACT with each other and try to tackle sexism and racism was just a big fail! Stick to the science, Bova!

I haven't read The Martian, but it is on my list! Should I avoid the audiobook and get the ebook? (I tend to get through stuff faster if I listen on audiobook, but I will avoid if there's a bad narrator.)
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 7 years ago
The narrator is almost too good.

It's a book I found took more concentration on to keep up with than the average though (it's so hard sciencey!) So it wasn't a good "in the background while doing things" book for me. If I was commuting at the moment, it would have worked great, the narrator is really very good.

(Kaia, I suspect you'd like it too :)