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BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hi. Wow. I completely agree with you. The film missed out on so many things that make the book such a great read. As you say, the film rushes or skips things that are only slowly revealed in the book - which is what builds a lot of the tension in the book. It drove me nuts also.
The particular scene that I thought that the film completely messed up was where Carol confronts the detective. There is a part in the book where she reaches for the gun... Having read other Highsmith novels before, I was on the edge of my seat when reading the book. In the film this is way less suspenseful. I mean, they messed up the detective scenes anyway, but this particular part stuck out for me.

Excellent review.
Reading All Night 4 years ago
Hey there. First off thank you for commenting. Think to given the fact I watched the film hours after reading the book if that that I had as much fresh in my mind as possible so things that were different or changed just bugged me all the more. I could again have forgiven small things changed or left out for time. I get that but what they did just bugged me to all hell.

The detective part was completely butchered. More felt like they were shit forget to have all those bits so lets have a not even a second confrontation.I loved how in the book Therese finds the gun wrapped in Carol's clothes and then yeah Carol going for it . Also two Therese seeing the detective , feeling that she has seen this man before but sort of writing it off at first as just her seeing things. Then course him following them and Carol pulling the car over to finally talk to him because enough is enough. Just feel the film did not do that scene justice at all.

I also disliked how there was not as much dept to the character like there was in the book. Serious there were times they both frustrated me but again in a good way because they felt like real people who messed up and you just wanted to scream of don't do that do this instead sort of things. I didn't get that sort of feeling from the film at all. Just hate again they cut out all of Therese's time alone traveling since she grew so much as a character in that time. Again could have cut some for time but to just forget about all of it just made no sense.

I am wanted to read more of her books since I enjoyed this one so well. I am thinking of either The Talented Mr Ripley , Strangers on a Train or Deep Water. Of those is there a better one to start with in your opinion? If you have read all of them that is.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hi. Thanks for the follow-back.
There is so much more character in the book than in the film. I don't like Therese in either but she seems a little more likeable in the film - I think they needed her to come across more likeable for a broader audience, tho.
And, yes, most of the changes are stupid. When Highsmith wrote the book (at least the beginning of it) she was ill with a fever, and I always thought that kinda came across in the opening of the book. It might just be my imagination, .... None of the desperation of Therese's situation seems to be in the film. Ugh. The film was ... not bad, but it is nothing compared to the book.

As for Highsmith generally, it appears that Lillelara ( and I are independently reading most of Highsmith's work at present.

My recommendations for next reads are The Talented Mr Ripley, or The Cry of the Owl.

I've also read Strangers on a Train (implausible plot), Edith's Diary (incredibly depressing), The Two Faces of January (ok), the short stories (mixed bag, weird, but great if you like the format), The Boy Who Followed Ripley (not great), Ripley's Game (interesting), and The Tremor of Forgery (an experiment in existentialism).

I still have Deep Water, The Blunderer, The Sweet Sickness, Small g, The Glass Cell, etc. on my tbr. I'm hoping to read all of her novels at some point, but I'm not in a rush.
Reading All Night 4 years ago
Thanks for the follow too. For me they both came across more bland in the movie . Feel that is mostly due to changes and rushing things. I am the sort to like some very unlikable characters but am fine with movies or books where I hate the characters yet still can enjoy said media.

And yeah The Talented Mr. Ripley appeals the most to me next. Will have to look up the Cry of the owl but thank you for adding that the the recommendations list.

Will keep what you said about the others in mind . That is very helpful too by the way so thank you for that. =)

Mostly just think will add her to my favorite authors.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Well, I look forward to what you make of Ripley. Hehe. :)