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Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I read the sample, which I liked (or at least liked the main character well enough). I've been putting off buying until in a chicklit mood because was afraid would go a bit much into designer name dropping and shopping.
Yeah, the book is all over the place with the fashion info, so much that it's choking out the story. When we get to the scenes with Vaughn, I become interested again. When it goes back to the main character's money issues and fashion obsession, I start to lose interest again.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
LOL, I can walk through department stores and designer boutiques myself. I don't need that dropped in everywhere anymore than I need to read about a character going into their kitchen and every brand of every item in their cabinet is tossed into the story. Hardly makes a difference to the story if the purse was brand x versus brand y unless had a particular feature important to the plot like a pocket big enough to hold a regulation firearm or a problem closure that would lose something important type of plot points.

Sometimes I wonder if it's product placement like in movies and authors are hoping for freebies or discounts. Worth reading about the author in case is "in the business" so to speak like writing for fashion magazines where that might be true. I don't think that's true of this one but has been for others.
It might be with some books, although I agree that it's probably not true of this particular book. Product placement in shows used to bother me but I'd be in favor of it if it means we can get rid of commercials. I'm thinking this is probably where we're headed, since a lot of people dvr and fast forward through the commercials. It still annoys me though when a product name is called out in the middle of a show. I'd rather see someone drinking a Pepsi than have a show mention the fuel efficiency of the new Ford Fusion.