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Sorry to hear this. I'm behind my usual pace due to this, and am only now getting over it: partly because I'm dedicated to reading for Readercon, partly because I just can't wallow in it all anymore and stay sane.

I hope you can focus more in the future! It sucks when you just can't at all, or feel the need to swap books all the time and not finish one :(
4 years ago
I wish you the best of luck with launching your new project. I'll miss talking books with you, but chances are I'll still be here when/if you get back to your book blogging.
Saturdays in Books 4 years ago
My reviews and posts have definitely gotten more political. And I've started devouring romance novels, which is a new thing. When you launch your new project, be sure to let us know!
Val's BookBlog 4 years ago
I also had a reading slump this past fall. Don't be so hard on yourself :). Good luck with your resistance website.
TeaStitchRead 4 years ago
I understand not being able to shake off nervous energy - I keep having bouts of insomnia. Good luck with the website.
We all have to do what we have to do to handle this shit storm. (I'm a stress eater.)
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I've been in a similar place myself for the past few months, wound up with nervous energy and a need to vent. I'm still reading the same stuff I always have, but I now spend a LOT more time online reading transcripts of the founding fathers' speeches, current legal judgments, etc. and trying to dig up facts and data. I've also been (cautiously) venting on FB because I HAVE to get it out of my head. I won't do it here because I'd like to keep BL as my sanctuary, and because I'd rather not have my BL friends find out how opinionated a beast I really am. :D :D

I hope you find your balance and a positive outlet soon so that you can return to enjoying your reading (and we'll enjoy reading your posts.) :)
I took a three day break and cut myself off from all news media, everything, papers, Facebook, TV, etc. I layer in my cozy bed and just read. It was nice, but now I feel like I may have missed something somewhere. Like I expect to open a newspaper and find out there is a bloody war on our soil or something.
4 years ago
Sounds like escapism is just what you need! Do you like Fantasy? The one Grim has been reading sounds pretty gripping.
Yes, so good!
It's a Hardback Life 4 years ago
I love fantasy. I've made some tentative attempts to at least re-read some fantasy that I love (and I read up through book four of the Temeraire series- great stuff!) but I'm having the same issue with it that I am with most things (and what Jessica's Book Thoughts said), in that I'm afraid if I look away for a bit, everything will be on fire while I'm gone. Which is illogical since I can't stop the fires, but the fear is still there.
I completely understand. Struggling with this to the point where I cried in front of my sick mom, which I've been trying to avoid so badly, this morning. I'm so, so nervous about my interview, and although it isn't the same thing - and I know I can do something - I'm still more nervous than I should be. Add to that the fear that I will just blurt out something horribly inappropriate!

Point is: sometimes you work yourself up with fear. Sometimes it is illogical. My slump came from this same fear, and the guilt that I wasn't doing anything. (I was: self-care and taking time for me, so I could hold it together.)

I don't know why the fear suddenly broke. I think it was just a tipping point for me. But the suggestion to just ride it out sucks - as much as I'm afraid that is my only real suggestion as far as personal experience goes. I do hope things go well for you, and that you're able to read soon.

And I'm on book three. I can't wait to get to book four and past, though. Also, I feel like with the commentary on political and social stuff, Temeraire may not be the best reread right now. Different time, fantastical elements, but surprisingly timely messages. I could easily be more nervous reading this - if I weren't so entranced. And so determined to have read /something/ by this year's guests of honor...
It's a Hardback Life 4 years ago
Booklikes people are the best people. Thanks for the kind words and support everyone!