isanythingopen 6 years ago
Oh, man.
Hopefully your preferred reader will be available soon.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Ouch. Sorry to hear.
It's a Mad Mad World 6 years ago
Ouch! Poor you! :(
Scarlet's Web 6 years ago
Ouch. I would be lost without my kindle. I have my tablet and phone with the kindle app to fall back on at least.
6 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss. :(
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
I'm sorry. That was painful to read.
Eek! Stinky deal. Finding the perfect reading position can be hell
Saturdays in Books 6 years ago
That is so awful. (also, kind of impressed you made it that far into reamde, which I abandoned far earlier in audio format)
If I had known it was a 1000 pages when I started, I probably would've DNF'd at 10%. But I didn't know that; I got invested in Csongor and Yuza, and then I was curious how he was going to wrap it up in a normal book length. I'll complain about it at length in my review.
Olga Godim 6 years ago
I feel for you. I'm like that too: everything in its place in neat piles. Whenever I misplace something, I can't find it afterwards.
bookaneer 6 years ago
Yuck. Time to find some very light paperbacks. :-(
Thanks for the commiseration :)

In much happier news, the new Aura arrived today - several days ahead of schedule. It's getting it's initial charge now before I put my SDCard and get started on a new book tonight.

Bookstooge - anytime I've outgrown a reader, I've passed the old one on. But I'm going to hang on to this Aura even after I replace the AG2, in case I make bad decisions again :)
6 years ago
Yay! :)