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RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
E, really good review, again.
"The title led me to believe this was about some unfortunate soul getting lost in the desert after sunburning their peepers, which would have been a rad tale, but that's not the case here. Luckily, what goes down in McBride's newest DarkFuse release is an even cooler premise." This part actually played out in my head as : (sunburning peepers . . . rad -- that is rad); (not the case here -- too bad, but E could write that story); (even cooler -- oh, E won't write that story because he will think there's a cooler one out there. sad.)
And then you felt guilty for grabbing a water, because that guy was still stuck in the desert.
Perfection in a review.
Lornographic Material 7 years ago
The perfection is this book. Seriously. I'm still thinking about it... mostly because I just finished a pile of shit novella, but whatcha gonna do, right? These things happen. Le sigh...