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3 years ago
Well, she should definitely skip The Mysteries of Udolpho!
Romantic literature as a source of contagion ... love it. :)
isanythingopen 3 years ago
I have that one in my TBR. Lots of fainting and swooning? That can only be cured by reading some mystery crime stories? LOL
So true! :)
Couldn't agree more with the prescription she ended up getting!
That part always makes me laugh.
I've stayed away from this one for ages because it was so impossibly hyped when it was first published. But I'm beginning to think I might have to add it to my TBR after all ...
isanythingopen 3 years ago
Do so! I didn't see/hear the hype, just the people who read it here in Booklikes. It's fun, mysterious, suspenseful. There's a frustrating underlying mystery that I'm not solving though I think all the clues are there (not surprising since I'm not much of a mystery reader. If it's not obviously in my face I miss it. ). Highly enjoyable so far. Almost heartbreaking at times. A very emotional read. I'm hoping the ending isn't a total let down.
Sounds good -- fingers crossed for the ending!
3 years ago
The cover is gorgeous!