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Hol 5 years ago
Yes, the fact it's free has always quelled my frustration.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
I second your thoughts about the community here on BL. It is awesome. :D Lovely to see you back and read what you've been up to.
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
Glad you came back and hear you on the move. I've been pondering a move for a decade. One of these days I'll get brave enough to actually do it but ahhhh, the work involves scares me!
LittleBookCove 5 years ago
:) Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. One day i'll get there with the move lol!
Kitty Horror 5 years ago
Great to see you back, looking forward to more of your posts. :)
LittleBookCove 5 years ago
Thank you Kitty good to see you again too!