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Hope you feel better soon, Spare Ammo.
I hope you are better soon.
nospin 6 years ago
Get well soon!
Feel better. And I didn't give this a lot of thought - the whole Jay/KS thing, so I'm willing to admit I didn't think of this particular question.

It's a good one.
If it's true that she sold 13 copies in-store, that means the rest of the sales were digital, which should be paying her a higher royalty rate. Right? She's got over 1000 ratings on Goodreads, which means more than that actually bought the book.
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
Yes, and her rankings on Amazon look decent for the Kindle edition. It's high priced, too, at $9.78 US, which means she's going to receive a fair chunk in royalties.

But again -- she claimed she had a fat advance. On two books? On each book? Where did that money go?

Regardless, I'd question any reports of "13 copies sold." Amazon shows the book ranking high enough that I'm sure more hard cover copies were sold, not just on Amazon but in stores.

She's not with a small press; Delacorte is the big leagues and none of this is making any sense to me. Maybe it's not selling as well as they expected, but given that the book has only been out a month, and it does appear to be doing reasonably well in digital, there's got to be more to this than we're seeing.
Get well soon, and thank you for such an articulate post.
Spare Ammo 6 years ago
Thank you all for your well wishes.
Angela 6 years ago
Feel better soon.
KindleRomance 6 years ago
Great post!!! I hope you get better soon. Way too many people are sick:-(