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Linda Hilton 6 years ago
Then who the f*** was it? Why isn't Selena Kitt issuing a statement? This is getting rather weird.
This is my problem: there is no official word from eXessica, nor Kitt. What the fuck? How would they let it get this far if it wasn't them; why wouldn't they ask questions after one person pulled out, or two, and then get to the bottom of this.

/If/ this is true, then I'm not digging how Kitt or her publishing company has chosen to react to this. Who exactly said this? Clearly they had beef with Trout, and they hurt the company due to that. Is this sort of thing allowed? Is this rogue manager still working for them? If so, then can they do this again if they disagree with another author?
Spare Ammo 6 years ago
A little more showed up and it was Selena thanking Jenny. It sounds like the promotion was coming from somewhere else? Is that possible? Because otherwise I can't see how this works.
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
And another question -- If Excessica is a legit publisher, why didn't they have a contract with all the authors? Either there was a deal or there wasn't a deal, but if there was a deal, with contracts, then it doesn't just fall apart because some unauthorized project manager who doesn't work for the company starts spreading rumors. And 48 hours later one of the books is for sale.

Somebody needs to stop me before I start thinking really evil thoughts.

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Reynasmom 6 years ago
This whole thing sounds....odd. So, somebody not employed by Excessica tells the authors in the anthology that JT has to go, or there won't by any promotion by the publisher. So, all of the authors decide to jump ship. Nobody contacts the owner? The owner doesn't think to clear this up when authors suddenly decide to leave and explain what happened? There were no contractual obligations? Excessica does not sound like a professional publisher at all. I don't know what to think.