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Happy Hour is not a new book. It was previously published. It's also a former Twilight fanfic.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
That's why I said re-released. )
I skipped right over that part, I think. Sorry. :(
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
The "'rere" should have been hyphenated to make it easier. How about we split the blame? )
margeysebastian 7 years ago
this author plagiarized works from quite a few fanfic authors. there are side by side comparisons posted in quite a few places. i think she has a hell of a nerve. this book originally had plagiarized passages. she also uses the same names for her main characters as the one of the fics she plagiarized.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
Our little Shey is just that special, aren't we all so proud of her? (still no sarcasm font)

I wonder if she stole from other fics in this one.....
If she did and is re-releasing it with that content - then I don't know what to say. Someone's bound to catch her doing it, so I don't know what she thinks she would accomplish by continuing to do it. She probably thinks she can get away with it...again.
But you would think people would watch out for that.... :P
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
I see no indication that the book has been edited-it lists copyright as 2012. Wouldn't there be a new date or second edition if there were significant changes?
Margeys (guest) 7 years ago
She seems to have a following that doesn't care. I think she's hoping to get away with it again. Since several of the authors she copied from are now published themselves, I hope they have more legal recourse and pursue it. I find it reprehensible to make money off other peoples' words and flat out deny it with the kind of evidence that's out there.
The Fangirl 7 years ago
The really ironic part is she plagiarized bits from another published fan fiction, Guilded Cage by Alexandra Richland, for Happy Hour.
Didn't she also plagiarize from Spanglemaker?
The Fangirl 7 years ago
Yes, among others. I'm just noting the ironic humor of this particur detail.