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Misericordia rated it 5 years ago
What I liked most about this book:ON VARIETY AS A MEMORY ENHANCEMENTON THE BENEFITS OF A CROWDED SPACE (so called “misattribution of emotions” included)ON HIRING A GOOD (AND FREE) ADVISORQ:In terms of his moving versus not moving, I suspect your son is suffering from a combination of three decision ...
nouveau rated it 8 years ago
not horrible, but Freakonomics and Black Swan, even Outliers are better. re-uses a lot of tired stories to express viewpoints that are contentious, even dubious.almost New York Times level quality, but definitely not horrible or unbearable
Kaethe rated it 9 years ago
On display in the new nonfiction, and I recognized the author's name. I've got four of his titles on my List, but I haven't actually read anything by him yet. We'll see.***Ariely covers his research into cheating and lying, as well as the research of others in the field. As I noted in my update, Hou...
marcinwozniak rated it 9 years ago
Good read, although in essence it's just one experiment in many variations described throughout the book with different "lenses"Ariely is a great storyteller and uses his trademark sense of humor to make the content more accessible.
halfmanhalfbook rated it 9 years ago
Not as good as predictable irrationalbut interesting reading none the less
XOX rated it 9 years ago
Thanks to someone who have read this one. Two links of him talking about this book is added.The human version of Honest about DishonestyThe cartoon version of Honest about Dishonesty
The Nrrdling (Aryn)
The Nrrdling (Aryn) rated it 9 years ago
When I was in college I learned a bit about the Simple Model of Rational Crime which basically states that people lie/cheat by rationally looking at the pros and cons and make a decision based on that. Needless to say, this never sat right with me. People don't make rational decisions, they just d...
thomcat rated it 9 years ago
A relatively quick read, this book suggests that irrationality isn't bad per se, it just needs to be accounted for and utilized in the right situations. I guess I tend to fall more on the Spock side of the equation... a good book to read, and an excellent counterpart to predictably irrational.
Reflections rated it 9 years ago
Entertaining, eye-opening, disturbingThis funny, fascinating, personal paradigm shattering book is in a genre I love, books that make me examine my thinking process, but this one caused me more soul searching than any other I’ve read. According to the Simple Model of Rational Crime (SMORC) we decid...
davdittrich read
davdittrich read rated it 11 years ago
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