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Deadly Desire - Community Reviews back

by Keri Arthur
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Harbinger of Books
Harbinger of Books rated it 8 years ago
I started this book a few years ago and put it down. It felt like groundhog day. Another murder, the CSI people are investigating, Riley cannot control her hormones...round and round it goes.About the story, Riley has been brought in to investigate a series of vampire killings, what is odd is these ...
lostinadream rated it 8 years ago
Wow, just WOWI love these books. A very guilty pleasure and the story is just getting better and better.Rileys abilities are growing, and going, into some scary areas.This time facing off against sorceresses/zombies/hellhoundsQuinn...I adore Quinn, I have since book 1, he can do no wrong in my eyes ...
Leah's Bookshelf
Leah's Bookshelf rated it 9 years ago
Rating: 2.5 of 5 My enjoyment of Deadly Desire was definitely hindered by two things: one, I hadn't read any of the previous six books in the Riley Jenson Guardian series; and two, I'm not what you'd call a fan of "paranormal romance." I bought this book on impulse years ago, not realizing it wa...
Shera (Book Whispers)
Shera (Book Whispers) rated it 9 years ago
The Riley Jenson series covers a lot of magical creatures. The classic zombie and sorceress(es) are up now! Again the mystery wasn't exactly original here, but that's not where this book is drawing it’s “steam” from. It shows the hard part of the law as humans can get away with harsh disgusting crim...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 9 years ago
Reread by audiobook. I also have the paperback. Feel about the same re this book. Pretty good. I've started the 8th book. Hopefully I can get through this series by the end of this month. Previous review 04/30/10This one was really good. Riley finally meets her wolf soul mate but doesn't like...
Feelingfictional rated it 10 years ago
Riley has never been particularly happy about her job as a Guardian but she is good at what she does and her skills come in very useful for The Directorate. When a string of teenage girls are found murdered Riley is soon put on the case to find out if there is any connection between them. Things g...
Sticky Note Quotes
Sticky Note Quotes rated it 10 years ago
This book is better then the earlier books in the series, less sex, more story line. I enjoyed this even if I wished I could shake Riley at times.
J-J rated it 10 years ago
I love this series so much. I think everyone should read them. Yet again we find Riley thrown into the middle of it all, using her newly acquired powers for speaking to the dead...while there soul if it's still hanging around. Fate seems to have a wanton hate for Riley as yet again it throws in yet ...
ChicaReader rated it 11 years ago
Grade: B-
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 11 years ago
#7 in this series. Enjoyed this one too. I do like it when authors choose to not drag on their series and am hoping for a satisfying end to Riley's story in books 8 and 9.
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