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Distrust That Particular Flavor - Community Reviews back

by William Gibson
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TCWriter rated it 8 years ago
A collection of articles spanning several decades and a wide range of subject matter, Gibson's book doesn't scintillate on its own, but it's an interesting window into the thinking of an SF writer whose work has had an affect on both the SF industry and society in general.Gibson's a fine writer but ...
halfmanhalfbook rated it 8 years ago
Excellent collection of articles by Gibson
Book Punks on BookLikes
Book Punks on BookLikes rated it 9 years ago
I picked this book up on a whim. I had read Gibson's Neuromancer and enjoyed it, but wasn't obsessed. But this book! It left me inspired, full of ideas, raging to write. Though he occasionally seems to be uncomfortable with the essay format, he has many insightful, weird, interesting things to s...
Osho rated it 9 years ago
Essays, with afterwords, on a pretty good range of topics. There are some fun ideas, but the best reason to read this collection is Gibson’s quirky and pleasing language. After reading this I’m more likely to re-read some of his post-Sprawl novels, many of which have struck me as similar to leafing ...
altheaann rated it 9 years ago
With this book, Gibson reminds me, yet again, how much, and why, I love him.So many times, in this book, I found myself saying, "Yes! Exactly! I've thought that before - but never quite so clearly; I never would have expressed it just like that..." His writing brings concepts into focus, vague idea ...
Datepalm rated it 9 years ago
A thread runs through of the relashionship between the virtual and the real, snapshots from the past two decades of the evolving ideas, predictions and terminology of what today is 'online' and the way we, supposedly physical offline beings, interact with it. Interesting framework, describing the in...
Mark Books
Mark Books rated it 10 years ago
I like to say that I will read anything that William Gibson writes, but that's not exactly true as I've long overlooked The Difference Engine, in which (if I remember correctly), Gibson makes use of his vintage mechanical watch knowledge.
DanAllosso rated it 10 years ago
Interesting and fun, but not earth-shattering.
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