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Double Cross - Community Reviews back

by Carolyn Crane
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Amanda rated it 8 years ago
I have to admit, this book just wasn’t as pleasant for me to read as the first Disillusionist. The first half of the book I was so wound up and frustrated. Justine went from having funny freak-outs and banter, in Mind Games, to an obtuse holy roller personality in Double Cross. Where did the fun act...
Banana's Book Blog
Banana's Book Blog rated it 8 years ago
I wish I could give this book 2 ratings one for the first half (a very generous 2 stars) and one of a second half (a conservative 4 stars) because I felt like the book wasn't either. So we again meet Justine, who spends most of the book on a judgmental high horse. Just continually being super mean a...
Kate Bond
Kate Bond rated it 8 years ago
Ooooh, what a fun ending.
My slice of heaven
My slice of heaven rated it 8 years ago
I'm really pissed about the ending. Not sure if i wanna read the 3rd book and the 2 SS. Really really annoyed with that ending. I just wanna throw my tab against the wall. What a stupid ending.This is one of those series that i'm just gonna forget about and were it in the paperback format, i would b...
D.G. ~Shameless Reader~
D.G. ~Shameless Reader~ rated it 9 years ago
Thank you for confirming my distrust in humanity!The ending of this book catapulted it to 4-stars. Before that, I had been grumbling at Justine's rosy way of thinking and how she trusted that everything would work out alright if only she did the right thing, which I think it's utter baloney. Sometim...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 9 years ago
I tried so hard to make this a romance that would benefit from being urban fantasy that it took me until a few chapters before the end to realize what a great horror story I had been reading. And that's how I am going to interpret it, as a two volume horror set playing with romance tropes instead of...
Sassapphras rated it 9 years ago
I absolutely, 100% dislike Justine. She is not a heroine to be proud of.
Amanda's Blog
Amanda's Blog rated it 9 years ago
The series is getting better and thing are picking up. I'm absolutely Team Packard here and I hate Otto with vengeance. Though they try to make his character sympathetic, but absolutely feels no sympathy for him.Luckily Book 3 is already available for me to devour instantly. Off I go!
If wishes were horses...
If wishes were horses... rated it 9 years ago
Hypochondriac heroine Justine Jones returns in the second installment of the Disillusionists series. A group of serial killers known as The Dorks is targeting the cities highcaps (telepaths, telekinetics, empaths etc.), and the two men in Justine's life (Otto and Packard – both highcaps) are on the ...
In The Mood For LOVE
In The Mood For LOVE rated it 9 years ago
4.5Half a star down because of the very slow start. But when it started rolling... oh my!!!
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