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debbiekrenzer rated it 4 years ago
I can tell you that I almost gave up on this book. The author took way to long to get into the meat of this story. She just went on and on about L. I was seriously getting sick of L and was ready to throw the book across the room. Not exactly sure why I did, but I continued on. Am I glad I did? The ...
Liz Loves Books.Com.
Liz Loves Books.Com. rated it 4 years ago
Based on a true story really wasn't for me. But I should make it clear that in this case it is most definitely the story rather than the writing quality that was my issue. I actually rather loved the way Delphine De Vigan writes so I'll hopefully read some more from her in the future.This is about t...
La Mala *the mean girl*
La Mala *the mean girl* rated it 5 years ago
Seré una fan insoportable pero estoy usando estas precuelas (junto con la película Fury Road) para enseñar future forms a mis alumnos adultos de inglés particular.Me encanta ser profesora. JE.JE.JE. Voy a pudrirlos a todos con Mad Max.(Psst! You can also find me here: ●● ;)
La Mala *the mean girl*
La Mala *the mean girl* rated it 6 years ago
Me encantaría tener un póster de cada una de las ilustraciones que tiene este libro. (Y, ya que estamos, me encantaría poder ir a ver otra vez la película al cine.*suspiro* Que triste es ser pobre, no tener auto, no vivir cerca de un cine, etc., etc. etc.)Estoy monotemática. Mañana me visto con ropa...
Jessica (HDB)
Jessica (HDB) rated it 11 years ago
Lou Bertignac comes up with a project on homelessness simply to appease her teacher. She doesn't want to do a presentation. In fact she hates being in front of a group. Who was she to know that this decision would affect the entire rest of her life?Lou meets No at a train station and they begin a ve...
A little tea, a little chat
A little tea, a little chat rated it 11 years ago
This is about The Book of Eli, curiously, a book which does not exist. Upon reflection, if you do see the movie, this will not surprise you. I strongly advise if a book does come out, not to read it.Things I want to ask:What the fuck happened to Gary Oldman? Honestly. How could a guy who played the ...
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