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Group: Leafmarks
This group is for helping Booklikers find their friends on Leafmarks.
Group info administrator: Marianna
members: 94 discussions: 11 posts: 173 last activity: 7 years ago
Please post links to your Leafmarks account here
created by: Marianna
Last post: ya! badges are cool. but i dont get much :( by Crazy Reader
Reading Challenges and Badges
created by: Kythe42's Astral Library
Last post: Good luck! by Kythe42's Astral Library
Partial read dates!
created by: Kythe42's Astral Library
Last post: LeafMarks just added the ability to add partial read dates so now you don't have to make the choice to either leave the date blank or use an inaccurate read date if you only k... by Kythe42's Astral Library
Help with reviews on Leafmarks
created by: Merry Meerkat Marginalia
Last post: Thanks! I will try that! by Merry Meerkat Marginalia
Yay! Librarians added plus fields for Series Name and Order!
created by: Debbie's Spurts
Last post: I like that they added librarian functions, but to be honest I thought the whole librarian thing over at GR was a pain in the ass. I became a librarian over there mostly so I ... by Kythe42's Astral Library
Removing Books
created by: Mitabird
Last post: There is also now the option to mass delete books from an exclusive shelf. (Except for the three default shelves: "read", "to-read", and "currently-reading".) On the "My Shel... by Marianna
Manually Add A Book
created by: Denise
Last post: To add and review on Leafmarks: 1. Type title in search box. 2. Click on the correct result's "Leafmark this" on the leaf icon. 3. Choose exclusive shelf. 4. Click on it agai... by Osho
I can't get Leafmarks to load. On any browser.
created by: SilverThistle
Last post: Thank you Jacquie, something must have changed somewhere as when I loaded LM this time there was nothing already added in my sign in boxes and I managed to get in. Really slo... by SilverThistle
Adding a book to your shelves on Leafmarks.
created by: Marianna
Last post: Thank you, Merry Christmas! by
Leafmarks account
created by: Stumbling Over Chaos
Last post: [url="URL"]https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10305[/url] No promises that I'll do anything there, since I'm feeling pretty overloaded on book sites... by Stumbling Over Chaos
Commenting on status updates
created by: AH@BadassBookReviews
Last post: AH, our comments on Batgrl's status are showing now. :) by Literary Ames
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