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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha
Previously in Western US, now in the East. Winter 2016: Nervously wondering where the snow is. While most of my paper book co...
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Oddly I felt the same way about Northanger - and I think for the same reason - you don't have the same kind of feeling at all for Catherine. I was so on board rooting for Elizabeth early on. Catherine was one of those characters (which I now recognize coming from miles away) that makes me want to gr... more »
I really need to sit down and finally write up my review for my P&P reread - it's been wildly interesting because I'm seeing things differently from a different age, and my interpretations have changed a bit. So I can't wait to read more. Also there are a few I never read all the way (I'm counting t... more »
I'm really awful at reading things within a set time period, but there are several Victorians I'm planning on reading. Also I've been meaning to read East Lynn! more »
Blocking helps, but if there are times when other users are being the problem (acting negatively towards reviews, opinions, etc.) then it would be nice to be able to allow only friends or approved comments rather than have to turn all comments off. I do know that code isn't something easily just ad... more »
Wait, I have to contact the author before I post a review less than 4 stars?! Really? And posting a review online should have the same standards of spelling and grammar as a published book? ...I have to go sit somewhere else and giggle. Also I obviously need to not read any of these folks books as I... more »
So it's the old erase the entire thread and pretend it never happened. Gee, that's never happened before... more »
I just reblogged your post about this Baelkina/Ungh... Arrr... Books! That was way quicker than expected! And I was totally clueless that you were the designer - which I should have remembered because I follow your blog and you posted there when you introduced them both. (Duh.) Also I now wish I had... more »
Wow, that is such a well thought out response (the ss from Avery). The whole "growing up online as a teen" thing always seems so much harder than it used to be - not that it was easy, but it also wasn't archived. Has anyone warned her that people following that link might be tracked? Er, not to get... more »
Sorry if this has already been covered, but I wasn't able to find a way to fully search these discussions. Not really sure where to add this because it's not just a feature request, and there may be a bug issue. Problem 1: There's no way to see what blockquotes in a review/post look like when you c... more »
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