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Handle with Care - Community Reviews back

by Josephine Myles
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Nic Starr
Nic Starr rated it 9 years ago
3.5 stars for this nice short story. The story features cute, skateboarding Ollie and older Ben, in need of a kidney transplant. The medical issues are handled in a realistic manner and not glossed over. Both characters are engaging and as a couple, they just make sense, regardless of age difference...
Bitchie's Books
Bitchie's Books rated it 9 years ago
This was a quick, sweet read. I did feel that Ollie fell for Ben maybe TOO fast, and didn't really understand what it was based on- a few minutes every day as he made deliveries? (and who can afford THAT much porn?) I'm also not sure that I bought into the happy ever after. Ollie just felt TOO young...
Jess rated it 9 years ago
3.5 starsI liked this story and enjoyed it overall, but there were also several things I struggled with. It took me most of the book to decide that Ben and Ollie work as a couple. I was actually kind of creeped out by their attraction for most of the book. By the end I was finally convinced, or pret...
Second Bookses
Second Bookses rated it 9 years ago
Reviewed for the RT Book Reviews April 2013 issue: http://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-review/handle-care
Trisha Harrington's Blog
Trisha Harrington's Blog rated it 9 years ago
This was a sweet read :)
adrianamae rated it 9 years ago
Barely 3.I don't think this story was "handled with care" enough. I expect a bit better than that from Myles.
Sandra rated it 9 years ago
Hmm, this was good, although not quite as good as it could have been. I dunno, I wanted to feel a connection with these guys SO badly, but it just fell a little flat. Things progressed a little too quickly for me, both in their relationship and in their lives in general. Can you really open a bus...
Ery rated it 9 years ago
In Handle with Care, the author takes an interesting step into an area not typically covered in m/m romance. Illness is generally avoided in this genre, and if it is addressed, it is usually off page. Here, the author tackles this story head-on, making it central to the story line. For that, I appla...
jules0623 rated it 9 years ago
I finally managed to tear myself away from the cover and read this. A fabulous story, but then I'd expect nothing less than fabulous from Jo. And now, I'm going back to staring at the cover. :)
Confessions of a Bookworm
Confessions of a Bookworm rated it 9 years ago
I enjoyed the beginning of this, but by the halfway point, the main character had become tedious, the plot felt contrived and a bit too convenient, and the relationship was doing nothing for me at all. The most enjoyable aspect of the book was Ollie, but he's not explored nearly as much as he should...
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