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Hidden - Community Reviews back

by Sophie Jordan
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Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 7 years ago
I enjoyed this more than the last and about the same amount as the first. We pick up right where we left off from the last book. Jacinda is getting ready to hand herself in to the Hunters so they can rescue Miram. Things got interesting once she was inside and we see that they are not the only D...
Bookbivore rated it 7 years ago
Synopsis: Marked as special at an early age, Jacinda knows her every move is watched. But she longs for freedom to make her own choices. When she breaks the most sacred tenet among her kind, she nearly pays with her life. Until a beautiful stranger saves her. A stranger who was sent to hunt those ...
Bookish Thoughts
Bookish Thoughts rated it 8 years ago
Hidden was a good ending to a very interesting series. The book started out fast paced and remained so most of the time. You really see what areas Jacinda has grown and how she hasn't changed in others. A new character was introduced and I found myself liking him in what little time was given to get...
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine rated it 8 years ago
All I can say is...EPIC! This was one hell of a conclusion, a rollercoaster in which I'm still pretty dizzy from. Full review to come after I'm done weeping and can get my emotions together. I LOVED IT!!!!I loved this book. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!! Upon reading this, I read some reviews ...
isabelfranchesca rated it 8 years ago
My thoughts after reading "Hidden":1. Hoping for a list of dragons + talents for the third time2. I didn't like the cover though I love the cover of book 1 and 2. The cover should have been:a. Jacinda & Tamra side by side fully manifestedb. one of the highlights of the bookc. Jacinda, Will and Cassi...
Zemira Djedović
Zemira Djedović rated it 8 years ago
Ohhh Cassian... *sigh* You are too good for Jacinda!This was my least favorite Firelight book. It's not because Jacinda doesn't end up with Cassian but because she annoyed me. She was all over the place. You know, she has a boyfriend, Will? But she still has the audacity to be jealous when Cassian t...
Don't Stop Readin'
Don't Stop Readin' rated it 9 years ago
I'm so glad this series is over. There was nothing I even slightly liked about it.It is my sincere request to Sophie Jordan, that she stick to her historical romances because PN-YA Fantasy is not her thing. Will and Jacinda's romance was so cheesy! Both of them kind of suck, and they deserve each ot...
Alaskan Bookie
Alaskan Bookie rated it 9 years ago
This was the third and final book in the Firelight Series. I thought this book had a lot more action in it than the others. I was kind of surprised where the author took all the characters. She seemed to wrap things up in a nice little bow for us, but there were several unanswered questions and i...
Bookaholic-ness~ rated it 9 years ago
I can't believe I'm done with this whole series. I'm done. What?! I'm done?!Ugh. So after reading book 1, I wasn't so sure about reading book 2 and 3 because book 1 was OKAY. And the only reason I finished the series was because I was super curious about the plot. And after reading book 2 barely yes...
The Blair Book Project
The Blair Book Project rated it 9 years ago
Jacinda and Will believe that nothing can stand between their love, even with Jacinda being a Draki and Will being a part of the hunters who pursue their race for the enkros. When Miram, the sister of the prince of their pride, Cassian, was captured by the hunters, Jacinda feels responsible for her ...
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