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In Sunlight and in Shadow - Community Reviews back

by Mark Helprin
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StevenPerry rated it 4 years ago
Rapturous epic of the city, as magical as Helprin's great Winter's Tale even if it is not a fantasy. It is as immersive as anything ever conjured up from fairyland. 1946 New York City is the equal to Lud-in-the-Mist, Narnia, Middle Earth, Wonderland and Looking-Glass World, Gormenghast. Veteran Harr...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 7 years ago
This is not the best Helprin novel that I have read. Supposedly a love story between Catherine Hale and Harry, the novel becomes lost in added details that really detach from the plot. The basic plot is Catherine and Harry struggles to be together, and the obstacles are not necessary the ones you th...
KatieMc rated it 8 years ago
On one hand, the words were beautifully written and reading it was like enjoying a lovely spring day. On the other hand, it was slow and the characters were just too perfect. I think that a book like this should move me or drive me towards some insightful self reflection, but I am just glad I got ...
tedweinstein rated it 8 years ago
Gave up on it - early going was sappy romance.
Chrissie's Books
Chrissie's Books rated it 9 years ago
In conclusion: Unfortunately, I cannot whole-heartedly recommend this book to everyone, even though I loved parts. Some of the writing is beautiful and thought provoking, but there are verbose, sentimental, overly dramatic and sophomoric passages too. Whole chapters could/should have been completely...
fossumcarl rated it 9 years ago
This book would have been 4 or 5 and 200 pages shorter if a good editor could have controlled Mr. Helprin's excessive verbiage. High literary style like highly spiced foods must be used sparingly. Helprin's writing exudes excessive overdone overwrought over the top prose. Sepnding a page and a half ...
Maven Books
Maven Books rated it 9 years ago
Zzz. The writing in this book is overly wordy in a very pretentious way, and the characters seemed so flat. I got tired of trying to wade through it just to find any substance at all, and I gave up before I got very far.
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