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Intertwined - Community Reviews back

by Gena Showalter
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I Swallow Books Whole
I Swallow Books Whole rated it 6 years ago
Dear Readers,Have you ever read a book that you were so wrapped up in, so completely involved with, that by the time you finished it you had no idea what the heck your feelings are? If you have, than you can understand how I’m feeling about Intertwined. It’s been three days since I read this book, b...
The Reason For Reading
The Reason For Reading rated it 8 years ago
This just didn't do it for me. Will reread and maybe will finish it :/
Books Here and There
Books Here and There rated it 8 years ago
I feel that this book would have been more enjoyable to me if the different supernatural elements weren't added in such a random way. The premises was good but it just wasn't for me.
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 8 years ago
The opening sequence with the bodies coming out of the grave, ick, and it almost put me off. Haden aka Aden has a strange life. Orphaned and in and out of psychiatric institutions since he was very young because he hears voices. They're actually souls and he's not sure why they're there. It make...
The Books That Matter
The Books That Matter rated it 8 years ago
The story has caught my interest because since I had decided not to read the synopsis, I was kind of lost most of the time, thus, making me read through and through. It's really intriguing. And there's a lot of hanging puzzles along the story. The atmosphere was fascinating because other-worldly cre...
♥ Book Hugs and Reviews ♥
♥ Book Hugs and Reviews ♥ rated it 8 years ago
Wow! A whole new concept of paranormalism. Aden Stone has had four other paranormal souls sharing his head (and sometimes his body) since birth. His life, not being hard enough, makes a sudden change with the introduction of other beings: vampires, werewolves, goblins, demons, and witches in additio...
A Lot Like Dreaming
A Lot Like Dreaming rated it 8 years ago
Although the beginning is all over the place, the characters are stiff, and there isn't anything intense about it, as I kept reading, I started to really enjoy it, I love the relationship between Aden and the souls, the way everyone reluctantly gets along. And it's really funny. The story is told i...
Life of a bookworm
Life of a bookworm rated it 9 years ago
I got the book after reading the synopsis. I mean, c'mmon, who wouldn't..?Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:One can time travel.One can raise the dead.One can possess another human.One can tell the future.The story is really creative. I give the a...
Joanne12 rated it 9 years ago
Stopped Reading- Couldn't get into it....
BreakRaven rated it 9 years ago
So, I admit that I'm being horribly unfair to this book. I read it twice in four months after first discovering it, and I'd have liked to give it a good, solid three stars or a 3.5.After reading the second book, I just can't. I've lost all respect for it. The second star is there because I know it d...
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