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Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets
Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets rated it 7 years ago
THE BLUE FOX reads like Hemingway crossed with a more recent Jayne Anne Phillips novel. Cut into three sections, the first is a series of precise beats following a hunter who tries to take down a fox. The middle section bursts forth with life and connectivity, loss, death, and reveals just who is th...
A Book Addict's Musings by Readinghearts
Quiet Dell is a novel based on a series of actual murders committed in the 1930s by a man calling himself Harry Powers. He does this by preying on widows who are writing to him via the Lonely Hearts Club, looking for someone to talk to and a bit of companionship. In the blurb at the beginning Jayne ...
Beamis12 rated it 8 years ago
Based on a true case that had haunted the author for decades, Quiet Dell is the story of the murders and investigation that took place during the 1930's, of a serial killer that preyed on vulnerable women. A subject that is not typical for this author, but something that she felt she needed to write...
ellaminnowpea rated it 8 years ago
This book is so long!My egalley from Netgalley has some sort of problem where half of half the words don't show up on my Nook. I guess I'm gonna just have to wait to read this one when it comes out...sorry to the person at Scribner I know was on pins and needles waiting for my review.
sarah rated it 9 years ago
This seems to be one of those books to which most readers either connect deeply or don't connect at all. I didn't really connect with this book, although I can appreciate why other readers loved it.This book takes a little work to get into: it starts with the story of Robert Leavitt, an American sol...
Bitsy Bling Books
Bitsy Bling Books rated it 11 years ago
I had to abandoned this book. After about 60 pages, I just couldn't keep going. The poetic flow of the story was so abstract that I was left in a dreamy haze often wondering what exactly was going on. I don't mind poetry style prose as long as they are grounded in something concrete to give it a ...
SJane rated it 11 years ago
Not bad, but not great either. One of those books that -when you're reading it- you think "actually I could be reading Dostoevsky, or William Faulkner, or George Eliot," or, in my case, that Saul Bellow book I bought a year ago, never having read Bellow, but having read, now, Jayne Anne Phillips. Th...
mkunruh rated it 11 years ago
This book, at times, reminded me of Robinson's Housekeeping (and not just because of the flood); its not as strong a novel, but it is as ambitious. Termite's voice doesn't work - she uses him to fill in narrative holes and subverts his voice as a result. There is also a deus ex machina 'twist' at t...
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