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YA Fanatic
YA Fanatic rated it 4 years ago
I seem to be on a losing streak with books lately. This was just full of ich factor for me. It felt very squeamish most of the time. A book about a girl making revenge on her dead best friends rapists. Yea, it goes there. I didn't love the main character. I get it, rapists go free and something need...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 4 years ago
Not a lot to say besides I really liked this book. I thought it mixed together the elements of steampunk and the Victorian Age very well. I loved the characters, and I loved how Cross added in Gothic elements as well by using inspiration from some stories we all know and love (Frankenstein--well I h...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 4 years ago
Guessed that twist, still an interesting read and I'm curious to know what happens next.
Munira @ In Vogue with Books
Munira @ In Vogue with Books rated it 5 years ago
The only other book I've read from the Steampunk Chronicles series is The Girl with the Iron Touch..and frankly I didn't even took the time to check the order of the books. While I like this one, I would say I like the earlier one better. Both the books have a kind of serious tone to them I would sa...
NerdyBirdie rated it 5 years ago
It was a nice and decent ending to a nice series. All ended well. :) It kind of feels like the author paired up everyone else together but it works, so it’s not that bad. I like how this book pulled off some themes in terms of what happens in the Aether and I’m not surprised that The Machinist made ...
NerdyBirdie rated it 5 years ago
I didn’t really like this book compared to the first one. The plot felt really slow and dry, and I felt like all the action started two-thirds into this book. More importantly, where was Jack Dandy?Finley Jayne & Co. have now reached America in search of Jasper Renn—a friend of theirs from book one....
NerdyBirdie rated it 5 years ago
This book read like a tv show. To be honest, a huge part of The Girl in the Steel Corset reminded me a lot of tv shows like Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars—you know, teenagers running the whole show and doing ten thousand things without any adults and saving the day? Yeah. The book starts ou...
Bookish Things & More
Bookish Things & More rated it 5 years ago
This review was originally posted on Bookish Things & MoreQuick ThoughtsSo this will be a super quickie.  Jasper's story is a super fast read.  We get to see what he's up to after he's come back from New York.  They are still searching for Emily. But when he gets back he finds Wildcat in his room.  ...
Chapter by Chapter
Chapter by Chapter rated it 6 years ago
The premise for author Kady Cross’s Sisters of Blood and Spirit had me intrigued. A pair of twin sisters, one stillborn and the other living? One sister who can see the other? A story involving the paranormal and the threat of a big bad lurking nearby? It sounded like my cup of tea and I was interes...
want a real life adventure? come to Australia we have spiders bigger than your hand.
My Thoughts:4 stars I'm really glad i re-read this book, but i have to admit this time around i didnt get as caught up in the story and noticed some things i didnt like as much, such as some personality traits. Griffin and Sam got on my nerves quite a bit, i preferred Finley where she had a moor bip...
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