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Underworld: Evolution - Greg Cox, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux
Underworld: Evolution
by Greg Cox (author), Kevin Grevioux (author), Len Wiseman (author), Danny McBride (author)
publisher: Pocket Books publish date: December 27th 2005
format: paperback pages: 288
language: English
ISBN: 0743480732 (9780743480734)
Underworld: Blood Enemy - Greg Cox, Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux
Underworld: Blood Enemy
by Kevin Grevioux (author), Len Wiseman (author), Greg Cox (author)
publisher: Pocket Star publish date: November 30th 2004
format: mass market paperback pages: 320
language: English
ISBN: 0743480724 (9780743480727)
I, Frankenstein: Genesis #1 - Kevin Grevioux
I, Frankenstein: Genesis #1
by Kevin Grevioux (author)
publisher: Darkstorm Comics publish date: December 11th 2013
format: ebook pages: 84
language: English
Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel TPB - Kevin Grevioux, Mat Broome
Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel TPB
by Mat Broome (author), Kevin Grevioux (author)
publisher: Marvel Comics publish date: June 24th 2009
format: paperback pages: 120
language: English
ISBN: 0785124098 (9780785124092)
Valkyries #2 - Kevin Grevioux
Valkyries #2
by Kevin Grevioux (author)
publisher: Alias Enterprises
format: paperback
language: English
ISBN: 1600390560 (9781600390562)
New Warriors - Volume 2: Thrashed - Kevin Grevioux, Paco Medina, John Malin
New Warriors - Volume 2: Thrashed
by Paco Medina (author), John Malin (author), Kevin Grevioux (author)
publisher: Marvel publish date: September 10th 2008
format: paperback pages: 168
ISBN: 0785126759 (9780785126751)
Underworld Movie Trilogy - Kris Oprisko, Kevin Grevioux
Underworld Movie Trilogy
by Kevin Grevioux (author), Kris Oprisko (author)
publisher: IDW Publishing publish date: December 30th 2008
format: paperback pages: 152
language: English
ISBN: 1600104142 (9781600104145)
Secret Invasion: New Warriors (v. 3) - Kevin Grevioux, Koi Turnbull, Reilly Brown
Secret Invasion: New Warriors (v. 3)
by Koi Turnbull (author), Reilly Brown (author), Kevin Grevioux (author)
publisher: Marvel, 176 pages, Paperback" /> publish date: March 18th 2009
format: paperback pages: 176
language: English
Cyborg (2016-) #20 - Kevin Grevioux, Gabe Eltaeb, Ivan Nunes, Simone Bianchi, Cliff Richards
Cyborg (2016-) #20
by Gabe Eltaeb (author), Ivan Nunes (author), Cliff Richards (author), Kevin Grevioux (author), Simone Bianchi (author)
publisher: DC publish date: 2018-01-03
format: Kindle Edition pages: 29
Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles - Todd Dezago, Mark Waid, Kevin Grevioux, Paul Tobin, Ray Height, Karl Kesel, Zach Howard, Nate Piekos
Spider-Man Family: Itsy-Bitsy Battles
by Nate Piekos (author), Ray Height (author), Zach Howard (author), Paul Tobin (author), Todd Dezago (author), Karl Kesel (author), Kevin Grevioux (author), Mark Waid (author)
publisher: Marvel publish date: October 8th 2008
format: paperback pages: 104
language: English
ISBN: 078512988X (9780785129882)
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