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Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage - Community Reviews back

by Jennifer Ashley
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A History Nut's Romantic State of Mind
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY wasted. This book has 2 great characters. Mac and Isabella come alive in the pages. My heart yearns for their reconciliation. I was quite emotionally invested in them. The writing and characterization are great. Premise really interesting and struggles very real. A young couple fe...
Bambbles Rambles
Bambbles Rambles rated it 8 years ago
Way back in January, I reviewed the first book in this series The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a fresh take on historical romance. In it we were introduced to Isabella and Mac, the separated married couple who still love each other but can't get past old demo...
vysed rated it 8 years ago
3.5 - being in the middle of a really good book series puts me in such a good mood all day.- The men in this series are protective without being overbearing. They're not one step away from a present day legal action. They actually have conversations and listen to their love interest. I know... SHOCK...
KayTheSerialReader rated it 8 years ago
I dig stories where the husband tries to win his wife again. I'm glad the reason for their separation is not cheating and even after they separated none of them had sexual relations with others. But Isabella, why were you so hard on Mac? You should have comforted each other after your lost. He was h...
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog)
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog) rated it 8 years ago
Genre: Historical Romance Year Published: 2010 Number of Pages: 316 pages Date Read: 12/26/2011 Series: Highland Pleasures #2 After reading Jennifer Ashley’s classic debut book “The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie,” I just had to read the second book in the “Highland Pleasures” series to satisfy my ...
Love To Read For Fun
Love To Read For Fun rated it 8 years ago
This story didn't pull me in like Ian's. I liked Mac and Isabella but their push and pull in regards to their marriage started getting old. Isabella got on my nerves a lot. I felt like she was leading Mac on. Maybe not intentionally, but she was giving him false hope for awhile. I didn't like the ad...
Red Hot Books
Red Hot Books rated it 8 years ago
Second-chance at love stories generally are not my favorite. But Jennifer Ashley did a fantastic job setting up this story in The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie. And I feel like it delivered on its promise. It’s emotional and sexy –and I really enjoyed the rich characters Ashley has created in this ...
Book Hoarders Anonymous
Book Hoarders Anonymous rated it 8 years ago
There were moments where I thought this one would do good to pull out a "2" rating.Maybe I'm an unsympathetic old grouch but... she knew who and what he was and still chose to elope with him. There comes a point where one must realize that one has made thy bed, now lie in it. Instead, she...left....
It's just me Shelly
It's just me Shelly rated it 8 years ago
"Now I dare you, my fine lady from Miss Pringle's Academy: From which part of my anatomy would you like to lick this cream?"Can I answer that question? PLEASE.....let me answer!!!!!!!! This book 2 in the Mackenzie series and I will have to say that, once again, I'm in love with another Mackenzie bro...
Slitsread rated it 8 years ago
Def not as good as Ian but I'm excited to start Cameron-
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