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Magic Bites - Community Reviews back

by Ilona Andrews
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Jackie's Booklikes
Jackie's Booklikes rated it 3 years ago
Listening to the audiobook I got from the library is pissing me the fuck off. Why does my iPod skip chunks of text, going from chapter 4 skipping to chapter 6? FFS! Then I can't go backwards or forward in the proper sequence and it's so bloody frustrating. It's ruining my reading and listening exp...
Evaine's Books, Books and More Books
When I was only a few chapters in I felt that the author (or authors because I understand it's a husband and wife team) was trying to be almost paranormal noir? Is that even a thing? Anyway, upon finishing, I still had that feeling and that was okay, Didn't mind it at all. I liken this book to a b...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 3 years ago
Yikes. I forgot how much I didn't like Curran or how Kate was portrayed in book #1. I really wanted Kate to take a fire extinguisher to his head and beat him to death. At one point he grabs her by the throat and tries to beat her cause she disobeyed him. How did I forget this??? The world building w...
Roobieland rated it 3 years ago
⭐️4 stars⭐️If you put any able-bodied man, no matter how peaceful, into a room with a sword and a practice dummy and leave him alone, eventually the man would pick up the sword and try to stab the dummy. It is human nature.
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga Maniac Cafe rated it 4 years ago
4.5 startsThis was so good! I don't usually listen to audio books, but I had a 6 hour drive, so I downloaded this from the library. I tried to read it about a year ago, but it wasn't sticking for some reason, but I am hooked on Kate Daniels now.
The Caffeinated Diva reads...
The Caffeinated Diva reads... rated it 5 years ago
I don't read a lot of urban fantasy, but I loved Magic Bites! The action is fantastic and it features a badass heroine. Mix that with a ton of paranormal lore and mythology, and it is a truly engrossing read. The world of Kate Daniels is a post-apocalyptic one, but different from most in fiction. ...
Ceridwen rated it 5 years ago
I got super sick last week and read a half dozen trashy and less trashy PNR/UF books to salve my soul. Also, I managed to tear through all of the Mercy Thompson books, so I'm a little at loose ends as far as light reading goes. I hit a lot of different series to try them out, and next up is Ilona An...
The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 5 years ago
During the first read I was too annoyed by Kate's obliviousness. This time, since I already knew and was just paying attention to the surrounding details while I waited for her to catch up I got several thing from it: Darek says Crest wouldn't be good for Kate because he wouldn't be able to say no...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 5 years ago
I'll try to keep this short since I didn't actually finish this book. Just need to leave myself some notes so two years from now I can attempt to recall why I stopped. Also, self, always make sure you have a stack of unread books on your kindle before you go on a trip. Otherwise, you're just going...
Ilhem rated it 5 years ago
I've just read Ami's review and I'll steal her conclusion to sum up my opinion : it's a good start. I didn't like the 1st person POV in the beginning. I like 1st person POVs when they bring a strong voice in a character driven story and I didn't feel like it served this purpose here, so it felt a...
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