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Midnight Sun - Community Reviews back

by Stephenie Meyer
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Anto1LittleBookwormBitch rated it 7 years ago
No es justo que no lo haya terminado T-T ¡Por favor, Stephenie! ¿Y justo ahí lo tenía que cortar? u.u¿Por qué será que todo cambia desde el punto de vista masculino? :B Como dije, no entendía la euforia con Twilight y la fascinación con Edward aún después de leer los dos primeros libros de la saga, ...
Little Miss Reader
Little Miss Reader rated it 8 years ago
I ADORE THIS BOOK. I always thought of Twilight as a kind of pathetic vampire series, but this has brought so much depth to the series. I love seeing the story from Edwards perspective - it even made me like Bella more.
Evey's books' rambling
Evey's books' rambling rated it 8 years ago
Oh my God, where do I begin with? I just don't really know what to say about this. I read it when in my "Oh Twilight, me likes" period and my face while reading this was... Uhm... Lets say that I almost fell asleep with this piece of whatever but art.I yawned that much that I got worried about my me...
anjaheigl3 rated it 9 years ago
Meine Meinung:Endlich konnt ich das Buch nochmal in Ruhe lesen, das erste mal hatte ich es während ich mal im Krankenhaus war eher überflogen. Hat echt Spaß gemacht zu lesen, allerdings muss ich sagen man sollte auf jeden Fall die anderen Biss Teile gelesen haben um dieses Buch zu verstehen. Ich fan...
Gwendolyn Grace Books
Gwendolyn Grace Books rated it 9 years ago
I read this a while ago. I love anything that involves Edward!
Rebel Book Diva
Rebel Book Diva rated it 9 years ago
I read this a while ago. I love anything that involves Edward!
Dreamworld rated it 9 years ago
I can't believe after Twilight fiasco few years ago, I decided to read this. What is this, you asked? Well, it was supposed to be the fifth book of the Twilight series, which is from Edward Cullen's perspective. Dafuq. No just no. I read enough about his psychopath perspective. Dafuq how can you sta...
My Journey in Writing
My Journey in Writing rated it 9 years ago
I'm not sure if reviewing a book that hasn't even been officially released or even completed is a good idea, but I'm unable to leave this one alone.Of all the books in the Twilight series, the partial draft of Midnight Sun, available on Stephenie Meyer's website, is the one I've read the most. Yes, ...
Bookaholic-ness~ rated it 9 years ago
Originally, Stephenie Meyer was actually going to have this published! But I heard from her blog that someone put the draft online, making it publicized before she was ready. Not cool! D:I really enjoy short stories with characters that I don't know really well as the narrator. In this case, Edward....
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 9 years ago
I've had this sitting on my computer for ages and just now decided to give it a read. It's a shame she was treated so poorly by people she trusted and no longer has any desire to finish this story, as it's an interestingly different POV after having read the Twilight books. I enjoyed reading from t...
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