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My Soul to Lose - Community Reviews back

by Rachel Vincent
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Mitabird rated it 8 years ago
This story was OK and I figured out right away what Kaylee was (it is not revealed in this book). She's stuck in a mental hospital and while we are given justification for it, I felt that there could have been a better way to deal with what happened to her. I know it's an introduction to the Soul Sc...
bloodviolet rated it 8 years ago
I got this freebie short story audiobook off of audible. It seems like it might be an interesting series. The story is too short to really analyze too much; all you really need to look at is the synopsis.
Frenchy rated it 8 years ago
Barbara's Booky Blog
Barbara's Booky Blog rated it 8 years ago
I truly wish I had read this before starting this series as it explains so much that was confusing.
grapeapril75 rated it 8 years ago
Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsOh wow I am hooked!! What a great way to get me into the story. Loads of intrigue and so many unanswered questions it would be impossible for me not to jump to the first book in the series!!Really like able and engaging characters, even though ...
Mikka liest das Leben
Mikka liest das Leben rated it 8 years ago
A look into Kaylee's past, between teaser and prequelKaylee Cavanaugh is a completely normal teenager - or at least she tells herself that she is. Yes, she has severe panic attacks that leave her screaming bloody murder... But that's all they are, right? Right? Yeah, when they happen she sometimes s...
Fantasy is More Fun
Fantasy is More Fun rated it 8 years ago
For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun I wish I had read this book before book one in the series, but I didn't realize that the prequel existed (and for free on Audible!). Despite knowing the majority of the plot points for the novella because of having read My Soul to Take, I really enjoyed ...
Little Read Riding Hood
Little Read Riding Hood rated it 9 years ago
I started this series with the prequel. I don't usually do that, because there isn't always enough information in a prequel to let me get to know the characters and feel for them. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I connected with Kaylee immediately.Kaylee and her family think she is crazy....
Little Pieces of Imagination
Little Pieces of Imagination rated it 9 years ago
I jumped into this series without knowing that much about it. People were gushing and raving about this series everywhere and I just couldn't look pass it anymore, so I had to see what it's about.Kaylee is at the mall with her friend Emma and they're trying to figure out a revenge plan on Kaylee's e...
VeganCleopatra rated it 9 years ago
This is probably one of the better short stories I've ever read, especially those which are considered prequels. The character of Kaylee was well drawn and she was easy to like and root for. I found the story very entertaining and compelling and it really makes me look forward to the series as a who...
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