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Nightlife - Community Reviews back

by Rob Thurman
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xreactivity rated it 9 years ago
The first in what looks like a promising urban fantasy series. It takes most of the book to set up the back story, but the characters seem interesting enough. I liked the relationship between the half-brothers, Cal and Niko. I'm less enthusiastic about the overly flip, 1st person narrative.
Miss Clark
Miss Clark rated it 10 years ago
2.5 stars Apart from a lot of language and crass references, it was ok. And I do mean a LOT. I liked the premise, but had a very hard time getting past the mentality and mores of some of these characters.Obviously, the brothers aspect is what interested me,esp. since one of them is part monster. Fai...
MatthewHunter rated it 10 years ago
"There are a lot of truths in this world. When it rains it pours. It's always darkest before the dawn. He who smelt it dealt it." Kind of a funny quote by Cal/Darkling thingie, right? For me, it just about sums up everything I like (not much) and dislike (lots) about "Nightlife". The former frat boy...
Affairs of M/Men
Affairs of M/Men rated it 10 years ago
Wow. I was looking for a new urban fantasy series to supplement my Dresden Files addiction and I sure found it. They aren't the same by any means but this series gives me everything I want: intensity, drama, biting humor, creativity, believable characters, villains to hate, heroes to love and worry ...
Bookake rated it 10 years ago
Cal Leandros is only half human. His father was one of an evil otherworldly race that Cal and his brother refer to as 'Grendels'. And their mother was an uncaring drunkard, so that side of the family sucks too. The only reliable and constant in Cal's life is his big brother Nik, and they have spe...
book reviews forevermore
book reviews forevermore rated it 10 years ago
Thurman's Leandros series tends to be very dark, both in world view and in the voice of the sardonic, damaged narrator, Cal. It's one way the book distinguishes itself from it's UF brethren, but also inhibits me from issuing a ringing endorsement. I can only take so much of the sarcastic, callous, ...
Harbinger of Books
Harbinger of Books rated it 10 years ago
I tried this one awhile ago and I just did not care for some reason it did not resonate with me.
Feelingfictional rated it 10 years ago
Cal and his half brother Niko have been on the run for four years. Cal's father is a Grendel (well that's the name the brothers have given the monsters but I think you'll be surprised when you find out what they really are!) and the Grendels have taken a keen interest in him but the brothers don't ...
kindleaholic rated it 10 years ago
Just under 4 stars so rounding up.Yep - I'm late to the party with this one, but that just means I don't have a long wait between books. If you like UF but haven't tried this one yet, I recommend it.I liked the brother dynamic, Niko and Cal make for an entertaining read. The brotherly dynamic was be...
Shera (Book Whispers)
Shera (Book Whispers) rated it 11 years ago
Genre: Urban FantasyThoughts:It has been such a long time that I've read a book and at the end want to obsessively stroke the cover. This was one of those books, it pretty much had me going all Gollum after the last page turned. Considering this was a reread for me, even better.One of the main th...
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